Trademark Enforcement

In case of an infringement we will advise you on what actions to take to get the best result to protect your brand. When recommending a course of actions, we first investigate the applicable process that can be used for the particular trademark application as each country uses different rules, which of course affects our recommendations.

The most common out-of-court trademark actions are:

  • Cease & desist letter (C&D letters)
    A tailored cease and desist letter (including two follow-ups) for the purpose of having the infringing trademark application withdrawn or restricted voluntarily. If unsuccessful, we may use this letter as evidence in a legal procedure.

Price: CHF 499

  • Opposition before the EUIPO
    If the negotiations for a voluntary withdrawal or restriction are unsuccessful, we can file an official opposition to EUIPO.

Price: CHF 2.000
(+ Official Filing Fee)

  • Opposition before national registers
    Most countries allow for the filing of administrative opposition for a given period of time. Costs and requirements vary considerably, so contact us for more information.

Price: Quote

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