Is your new trademark a good or a bad idea?

First, you do not want stepping anyone’s toes – recalling products, changing a product name, or even your company name is a costly affair that you want to avoid.

Secondly, you do not want to build goodwill in a mark that you cannot protect – you work hard to build brand value and your business, so why choose a mark that others can use for free?

We advise you on how to choose a trademark, the absolute registrability of your trademark, and we search the trademark registers across the world to pave the way for a smooth brand launch.

Trademark historical report

Even if your brand has been around for years, it may sometimes be relevant to look at what registrations are out there that you need to consider when planning the future for your brand. Our historical report provides you with the current listing of all existing trademark registrations that match your search criteria. All results are reviewed by our expert team.

Price: CHF 899 per mark.

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