Social Media

Check and Secure, Monitoring and Enforcement

Samuele Filardo

We provide legal advice and assistance with creating social media accounts and content. We anticipate cyber-squatters willing to impersonate your brand. We prevent them from infringing again through customised takedown strategies.

Check and Secure

Check and Secure

To take away the efforts of securing your brand as social media handles. We register your brand or tagline under the main social media platforms you are using. This is done swiftly, as soon as your trademark filed or your domain name is registered, so you avoid cybersquatting on social media. It includes:

  • One availability search provided by our support team.
  • Availability check across the major social media platforms.
  • Secure exact or best-matched assets on social media where available.
  • Transfer the account/page details to the client for a clean handover.

Monitoring and Enforcement

  • Scan – we focus on the major platforms but can customise our search according to your business needs
  • Takedown – we shut down personification accounts or remove infringing content
  • Link Analysis – we connect the dots to find out illicit trade networks
  • We exploit intelligence to generate offline investigation opportunities.

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