Three years ago, BRANDIT’s Caroline Perriard joined Alice Morgan and Tamara Warren from ALTADigital to host a GDPR seminar in Zurich, just as the new legislation was coming into force. At the end of last month, we joined forces again to provide an update on data protection and what this means to businesses and their marketing teams.

So much has happened with data privacy in Europe in the last couple of years – we’ve had Brexit and the UK establishing their own UK-GDPR, not to mention the newly passed Swiss FADP regulations and the withdrawal of validity from the EU/Swiss-US Privacy Shields!

It can be confusing, and maybe a tad over-whelming. We get it!

As marketers and legal experts, we discussed how you can leverage data protection to enhance your brand and make data protection a positive selling point.

Learn more about how BRANDIT can provide you with invaluable advice and guidelines to allow your business to be compliant with authorities and respect individual user’s rights here.

You can view the webinar here:

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