Platform Risk Assessment

It’s time to take back control

Is your brand being undermined by counterfeit products and unauhorised sellers across social media platforms, online marketplaces and search engines?

How we can help

Many brands are frustrated by the lack of options provided by social media companies and marketplaces to tackle fake goods, infringements of their intellectual property or copyright infringements on these platforms. The damage to your brand, both reputationally and in lost sales, is real.

Our Platform Risk Assessment provides a quick and valuable insight into the scale and scope of the threats faced by your brand online. This is the starting point for well-informed decision-making, better focused allocation of resources, and making an evidence-based case to your management for action.

Key Insights in just 30 Days

Manually monitoring multiple platforms to find infringements, and the fraudsters behind them, requires an immense effort. The sheer amount of resources and staff hours required to manage this is a huge burden for any business.

Our risk assessment uses the latest AI behavioural analytics technology from our partner to analyse large volumes of social media, online marketplaces and Google data to identify your biggest threats.

The results are then meticulously analysed by our legal and investigations experts to provide a detailed report with key recommendations. The goal of this report is to help you build an effective online brand protection strategy based on our findings – all in just 30 days!

Key Outcomes

Our report will answer the following:

  • What kind of threats is my brand facing?
  • Where are the threats located?
  • How extensive or well-established are they?
  • What are the worst offending platforms?
  • Who are the most prolific offenders?
  • What approach, at strategic and tactical levels, should you take to achieve the biggest impact?

Determining where you should focus your efforts for the biggest impact enables a more strategic brand protection strategy.

What’s involved?

Step 1: We set up and run our online brand protection technology to analyse thousands of data points from social media platforms, online marketplaces and search engines

Step 2: Our brand protection experts bring the human element to the process, using their extensive legal expertise to review the results and build your insights report

Step 3: We meet with you online to present our report and recommendations

Step 4: We send you the final report