Online Brand Protection

We strive to make your online environment safer and preserve your brand reputation

As online security risks grow, so does your need to protect your brand. Whether it is your trademarks, design elements, copyright, website content, or your company slogan or information, our goal is the protection of your assets.
We actively monitor, detect and fight any counterfeit online, trademark, or copyright infringements as well as brand abuse across multiple platforms, including:


  • Websites and domain names
  • Social media platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • PPC ads and mobile apps

By using the latest methods and technologies, we are able to connect the dots and determine the reach of any counterfeiter networks and assert your rights.

Our service includes legal recommendations and best practices to ensure your online defence strategy and any takedown action is in line with your business, thereby reducing current threat and infringements as well as deterring any future hijacking risks.

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