Global legal expertise for all areas of intellectual property

We provide legal assistance in all areas of intellectual property law, including the protection of intangible assets

As a boutique firm, our legal team brings the right talent and experience to every Intellectual Property (IP) issue. We partner with our clients and act as a single point of contact to deliver tailored solutions for all aspects of IP management, strategically and operationally.

Managing and protecting IP has become increasingly complex with multiple jurisdictions, varied IP laws and levels of enforcement. Rapid technological advancements and an ever-changing digital environment have enabled infringers to become more sophisticated and the development of effective IP protection strategies even more important.

We are global citizens, industry savvy, diverse and have a thirst for innovation. Our strength is our ability to bring a new approach to IP and use cutting-edge legal technologies to help clients overcome the challenges of competing in today’s IP challenges.

Our global coverage, high-quality work and commitment to client service are reflected in the recognition we receive within the legal industry.

With extensive experience in a number of industries and for companies of all shapes and sizes, we provide legal assistance in the following areas:

Trademarks and Designs:
  • Preliminary investigation & clearance searches of trademarks
  • Implementing IP protection, and portfolio management Prosecution of trademark and design rights
  • Litigation and enforcement strategies
  • Complex trademark and patent infringement and invalidation cases
  • Design and trademark cancellation actions
  • Interlocutory and precautionary injunctions, negotiations, co-existence settlements and licensing agreement
Anticounterfeiting and criminal enforcement:

    • Building anti-counterfeiting strategies, including online and customs monitoring, raids, seizures and settlement negotiations with counterfeiters
Competition, advertising and communication:

  • Unfair competition matters, including all areas of advertising and communication

  • Protecting all tangible/non-tangible assets on all digital platforms, worldwide
  • Protecting your creativity in every form and expression
Patents and know-how:
  • Acquisition, enforcement, and commercial exploitation of patent rights and assets, including cross-border litigation of patent and know-how disputes
IP administrative procedures:
  • From trademarks filings and management of your trademark or design portfolios to company representation in administrative and oppositions proceedings
IP Due Diligence – quality control of IP portfolios transactions:
  • Drafting and negotiating contractual agreements for licensing, distribution, research and development, transfer of intangible assets, sponsorship and merchandising
Privacy and data-protection:
  • Advice and guidelines to ensure your business is compliant and representation in court for any data conflicts. We also offer guidance on how you can leverage data privacy to enhance your brand