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As companies and organizations are responsible for the data they collect and use, the company may be fined if the managed data is accessed by non authorized persons. In addition, legal requirements in both Switzerland and Europe are becoming stricter and more complex to implement. BRANDIT’s experts help companies and organizations to set up internal processes and make decisions, so the compiling, processing and managing of data remains legal and transparent.

GDPR was introduced in May 2018 and revolves around the protection of EU citizen’s data. It’s important that your company or organization complies with GDPR compliance requirements to avoid fines and reputational harm. GDPR affects every single business and organization that interacts with EU residents, regardless of where your company or organization is located. If you have a company in Russia or the United States dealing with EU residents, GDPR applies to you.

At BRANDIT, we help companies and organizations implement GDPR and privacy requirements. Furthermore, we advise on specific privacy issues regarding your business and offer a training program on privacy and GDPR compliance implementation.

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