Caroline Perriard

What does it mean to be “Legal in Digital”?

Today, digital strategies of companies and organizations are driven and maintained by the marketing, communication or IS/IT teams. All these functions will usually work closely with the legal team on contract negotiation issues. Yet, who reviews your digital strategy before implementing it?

To be “Legal in Digital” means that you involve the legal team in the preliminary stage to advise on the deployment of your strategy. It covers everything from the references employees make online to the availability of products on retailer’s platforms, the complaints customers post on social media and the development of a webshop.

What type of projects can we support you with?

  • Your company or organization wants to smoothly launch new pages on social media platforms.
  • You need a privacy/cookie notice for a website.
  • You wish to be privacy compliant and don’t know where to start from.
  • Your company or organization is considering setting up its own e-commerce site or launching a mobile application.

With BRANDIT Legal in Digital, we help you assess the potential risks, anticipate issues and find options to support your company’s or organization’s digital strategy, thus avoiding legal actions.

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