Your business is your baby! You dreamt up an idea, created the brand, and have worked hard building something you can be proud of. But hang on a minute, how do you go about making sure no one else steals it or profits off the back of your brand name?

While your business is something personal and special to you, it’s also a legal piece of intellectual property. This means it needs legal protection. This is where a trademark comes in.

Filing a trademark isn’t a simple process, but the protection it affords your brand is worth your time and effort. To get you started, here is our 7-step guide of how to file a trademark.

Download it here.

It is always advisable to seek advise from an experienced IP professional before filing a trademark. Whether you are unsure if a trademark is for you or if you need support in the filing process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts here.

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