You’ve finally made it and you’ve got your business set up, all your products and/or services are ready to go and you’re even looking into starting some marketing activities, congratulations! Now it’s time to register a domain name. Excited? You deserve to be.

However, choosing a domain name can be a bit overwhelming. The opportunities to land the perfect domain name are plentiful, but so are the potential pitfalls. So, before you put your money where your mouth is for your dream domain, we’ve put together a handy Q&A guide to help you to avoid any unexpected domain name nightmares.

Download it here.

Choosing a domain name that’s uniquely yours is a big step in “planting your flag” in the online world. It’s what the rest of the world will know you as when they want to find you online. If you need support in selecting, registering and managing your domain(s), contact one of our experts here, and we’ll be able to give you the tools and services to build your online reputation.

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