Domain Management

Domain names are a valuable business asset and essential to building a strong brand online.

BRANDIT acts as your in-house domain name experts to not only register, protect, and manage your portfolio safely and effectively, but to also deliver actionable insights and data that optimises and improves the performance and value of your digital brand.

Intellectual Property & Legal

BRANDIT brings the right talent and experience to every Intellectual Property issue – partnering with our clients and acting as a single point of contact to deliver tailored solutions for all aspects of IP management, strategically and operationally.

Our team of legal experts are driven to deliver tailored and dedicated solutions for all aspects of IP management, strategically and operationally.

Brand Protection

In today’s digital world, protecting your valuable IP assets, safeguarding your customers and sustaining your hard-earned reputation is becoming more difficult to efficiently and cost-effectively manage.

BRANDIT provides customised and scalable solutions that actively monitor, detect and enforce against any brand abuse across multiple platforms (domains names, social media apps, marketplaces, NFTs/smart contracts etc.). By combining the latest technology with our in-house expertise, we are able to transform how brands tackle infringements by providing clear visibility of the threats, prioritising what matters, and drive real ROI.

BRANDIT is a boutique firm with BIG capabilities!

Tackling IP and brand protection with a completely new hybrid approach, the BRANDIT team brings together a hybrid of legal consulting, trademarks, domain names, online brand protection and enforcement, investigation, data protection, Web3 and consultancy expertise, all under one roof.

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