​Do you get excited about all things IP-related? Are you thinking about marketplace searches while walking the dog, a detailed takedown over lunch with your neighbour, investigating a complex web of counterfeits during a workout or how you can push innovation to find a better way of protecting brands? Yes?! Then you are our kind of person!

We are on a mission to make the world a better and more protected place for our clients and their customers. We are passionate about bringing value and innovation through the introduction of cutting-edge, tech-enabled solutions that actually help our clients navigate the evolving IP market and give brand owners with the freedom to supercharge their portfolios.

Want to be a brand protection superhero too? We would like to hear from you if have:

  • Substantial experience of leading a global and regional team, demonstrating strong leadership skills, including mentoring, motivating, driving performance, and developing individuals within the team
  • 12 years + experience in intellectual property, online brand protection and enforcement
  • A proven track of setting up an online brand protection programmes and substantial knowledge of using industry technologies
  • Sales driven with proven results of building strategy, setting and achieving goals, taking ownership and setting new industry standards
  • Effective customer relationship management skills, enabling you to not only build strong partnerships with our clients, but to also connect with and challenge our key providers and platforms
  • Unique investigation skills and strategies that are cutting-edge for brand reputation protection as well as strong experience with offline brand protection and customs matters
  • Experience of litigating counterfeiting cases and admission to the bar is a plus, as is cybersecurity and analytical insight

But it’s not just about your technical expertise. We are also looking for someone who has a strong entrepreneurial and growth mindset, that wants to push the business through bringing new ideas, learning from failures and being flexible in the face of industry challenges. You’re a natural communicator who loves to meet new people and is always curious to learn something new. You’re a respected member of our community, bringing thought leadership and industry insights along with a growth mindset that will benefit the business as a whole.

What is it like to work at BRANDIT?


Hmm? Difficult to sum up in a couple of sentences, but we’ve added some of the highlights below:

  • Motivating roles in a fast-paced and highly dynamic environment and where showing initiative is welcome
  • Being part of something big – work hard, play hard, change the IP world
  • It takes passion and heart to do what we do – do what you love, love what you do
  • Opportunity exists for those who want to challenge themselves
  • Collaborate with and learn from a great bunch of people – experts within their fields.

How to apply?


If you’re ready to join a team of brand protection superheroes, then send us your application today. We would love to see your uniqueness shine through and inspire the future of brand protection.

Send your covering letter, CV and documents to recruitment@brandit.com.

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