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Grrr… this data protection project is still on my to-do-list


Your company stores and uses customers’ personal data for marketing activities and you are involved in fixing the open questions.

Are you sure you have put the necessary policies and contracts in place?

Together we will ensure that data processing is made transparent and remains within the framework of the law to protect you from potential legal claims.



We, at BRANDIT Legal in Digital, collaborate with you to:


  • Prioritize your actions to complete your company’s objectives quickly
  • Feel confident that we, together, will set up the legal framework which is mandatory to respect the law
  • Save time and money in implementing the right actions NOW instead of when the authorities are calling you
  • Empower you to make data protection a manageable legal topic


Start making your life easier and let us know what’s on your to-do-list.




About BRANDIT Legal in Digital


Within BRANDIT Legal in Digital, we help our clients assess the potential risks and find options to support their company’s digital strategy and to avoid legal actions. Given that data is integrated in most digital projects, BRANDIT Legal in Digital advises SMEs and multinationals how to collect such data while respecting the legal framework. BRANDIT is represented in Zurich, Lausanne, Malta and Copenhagen.




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