BRANDIT is a boutique firm with BIG capabilities! Tackling intellectual property and brand protection with a completely new approach, BRANDIT brings together a hybrid of domain name, online brand protection, legal and consultancy expertise, all under one roof. With the focus very much on the customer, BRANDIT protects brands and IP globally, on and offline, in this fast-moving and newly merged environment.

The award-winning BRANDIT team brings unparalleled expertise and experience in the IP and data worlds with almost 1,000 companies and over 40 law firms relying on BRANDIT as their strategic partner.

BRANDIT’s business areas include:

Strategic domain name consulting

helping to make the right and sustainable decisions for brands online

Domain portfolio services

going above and beyond to develop and maintain a thriving domain portfolio

Online brand protection and enforcement

legally qualified experts offer the full suite of enforcement services


working with all the top tech providers to monitor and protect trademarks, domain names, apps, marketplaces, content, logos, social media and anti-fraud

Digital and data

legal consulting for a hassle-free launch of a brand’s digital strategies, data protection and technology-based projects

Strategic trademark consulting

trademark experts guide or drive the entire process from strategy to enforcement

Investigation services

intelligence-led research and targeted investigations, connecting the dots and giving companies the complete picture

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How do I contact BRANDIT?

Visit our contact page to send your questions to the relevant department or call our headquarters on: +41 44 515 65 75

What Industries do BRANDIT Typically Work With?

Our services can be universally applied to any industry because they are based on individual polices and individual issues. We have proven results and strategies built out for various clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Contact us to be one of our next !

What makes BRANDIT different?

BRANDIT professionals are bold, trusting in what they do. By combining the team’s extensive knowledge in their respective fields, BRANDIT is fiercely committed to going the extra mile; advising clients on every aspect of the IP world with innovative, tailored, proactive and sustainable strategies for the protection of their brands, on and offline.

The client remains at the centre of everything we do. We strive to do our very best and have the no.1 reputation in the industry. With a 9.4 rating for client satisfaction, we are living up to our goals.

How do you typically interact with your clients?

Any client who does business with BRANDIT is treated as if they are our only client. We take our role in your organisation’s success very seriously and we hold ourselves to the highest standard or customer service. Expect a dedicated representative who follows your brands progress and ensures the best protection.

How do I reach customer support if I need help?

Typically, every client is given a dedicated support consult. You will be given their direct number and/or email address so that you can contact them with any of your questions. Alternatively, you can ring our main number (+41 44 515 65 75) and your query will be dealt with appropriately.

What are BRANDIT’s fees?

Since solutions in on and offline brand protection vary so much in terms of number of products and types of services (monitoring, enforcement, investigation, etc.) it is difficult to estimate a cost without more information about a specific brand’s situation. For more information, schedule a meeting with one of our specialists now.

We strive to work with cap fees so you can anticipate your costs and stay on budget. We will always pick up the phone to understand what are your expectations in a given project.

Some more things about us…

Employees in 16 offices

Trademarks managed

Languages spoken

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