What are investigation services?

In the digital age, online brand protection is essential to protect any business from bad actors, infringers and counterfeit goods. However, sometimes certain cases require a more in-depth approach to uncover the problem at its root. Online and offline intelligence investigations are critical to brand protection success, helping you build intelligence and critical evidence on any cLearounterfeit goods, piracy or grey market issues. Investigation services carry out extensive research, reporting and analysis to provide you with the necessary proof to bring a stop to any infringements and protect your brand’s reputation and image.


Why would I need to use investigation services?

The threats to businesses online are wide and varied. Some cannot be dealt with alone by employing regular monitoring and enforcement techniques. Investigation services employ a multi-faceted approach, on and offline to the fight against counterfeits. They combine real-world inquiry expertise with advanced data collection and analysis methods to uncover particularly difficult infringers, loops in supply chains or larger scale counterfeit networks.


What Investigation Services do BRANDIT offer?

Our bespoke investigation services combine an array of investigative techniques from online data gathering, intelligence profiling, online and physical test purchasing, and if needed, onsite surveillance and approaches made by undercover operatives.

Our aim is to connect the dots and give companies the complete picture.  Our Investigation Services team provides the data and intelligence required to take down high-value targets, discover network operators, and to examine specialist focus areas outside the usual scope of your brand protection team.

Our on and offline investigations include:

Counterfeit Infringers

  • Identify counterfeit sellers, related companies, supply chain and sales channels (incl. social media).
  • Recommend strategy for enforcement options and follow-up actions.

Fraudulent Webshops

  • Identify fraudulent websites, including newly registered domains.
  • Investigate network of copycat websites.
  • Gather intelligence for consolidated enforcement action.

Platform Risk Assessment

  • Research and analyse platforms to establish brand landscape.
  • Estimate percentage of infringement, grey market and authorised (re)sellers etc.
  • Clear reporting to illustrate the extent of online risk

Single Takedowns Requests

  • Tackling various infringements across multiple platforms including, social, apps, marketplaces, search engines etc.

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