What Brand Protection software does BRANDIT use?

Legal tech solutions are our future, but they are only one part of the equation. We work with carefully selected top tech providers, ensuring we are always ahead of the game, stopping bad actors in their tracks, now and in the future. By adding the human element and touch of persistence, we help clients achieve amazing results.

We strive to work with cap fees so you can anticipate your costs and stay on budget. We will always pick up the phone to understand what are your expectations in a given project.

What is online brand protection?

Brand protection is the process of protecting the intellectual property (IP) of companies and their associated brands against counterfeiters and infringers, as well as providing insight on your distribution models and trends.

This is done not only to protect the loss of revenue from a company but also to protect a company’s image, reputation, and overall value. Put simply, brand protection prevents brand abuse.

It also protects the consumer from:

– being duped into buying fake and potentially harmful goods

– unwilling giving away personal information such as bank card details

How does BRANDIT protect brands?

The online and offline brand protection services offered by BRANDIT are split into four general processes:

  • Detection/monitoring
  • Investigation
  • Enforcement
  • Protecting trademarks with custom authorities
  • Reporting on successes, clusters and trends


Using the latest technology, we find infringements online, wherever they may be. This can include a counterfeit listing on ecommerce, a rogue website or an impersonating social media profile, along with a number of other forms of infringement.

By combining tech with our human expertise, BRANDIT are not only able to provide you with a detailed report on our findings, we analyse the data to offer informed recommendations on actions that will lead to a successful result. This combination of tech and human expertise elevates the data to the level where it needs to be considered by the board to ensure you are able to maintain a consistent and strategic defence approach for your brand(s), both from a business and budget perspective.


We believe in data intelligence. BRANDIT’s Investigation Services team combines real-world inquiry expertise with advanced data collection and analysis methods to take down high-value targets, discover network operators, and to examine specialist focus areas outside the usual scope of your brand protection team.


With our extensive legal expertise, we analyse the data and offer strategic and practical advice on how brands tackle any infringements, allowing them to focus on what matters to make a difference in the long-term. Enforcement can include removing the infringing product listed on an online marketplace, taking down a rogue website, or closing the imitation account from social media.


Protecting trademarks with custom authorities

It is not enough to tackle online issues: real products must be verified and stopped before they invade the markets. We are working with custom authorities to have your brand being looked at under priority and with the right characteristics.


The final stage of a brand protection service. Reporting refers to presenting information to brands that is useful and actionable, in order to stay aware of the status of their intellectual property online, and then to improve the process of brand protection in the future.

Do I need brand protection?

If you sell a trademarked product or service, then you are potentially at risk of counterfeiting or abuse. Hence you need to seriously consider a brand protection strategy with comprehensive actions.

Should brand owners register a .eth domain or other similar addresses?

This depends on the brand and your company’s brand strategy. In general, BRANDIT recommends that brand owners consider registering the most relevant address(es) for defensive purposes. This will help prevent:

other companies using the “addresses” which may lead to confusion

third party advertising the “addresses” or linking it with problematic websites

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