E-Commerce Marketplaces

Monitoring and Enforcement

When searching for a brand or a product online, we want that consumers are protected that they will immediately find your official web pages.

We want you to be safe that we have been monitoring and shutting down all illicit sales, not just counterfeits. We aim to understand your brand’s DNA, business and distribution channels.


  • We focus on eBay, Alibaba and Amazon, while can customise our search just on the platforms you need


  • We partner with the platforms to receive immediate assistance for takedown
  • We design strategies to make sure we enforce your IP rights on the listings than infringe on your main product lines or are crucial for your business units
  • We deliver reports tailored to the information you really need to share with your business partners
  • Link Analysis – we connect the dots to find out illicit trade networks
  • We exploit intelligence to generate offline investigation opportunities

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