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What is domain name registration?

It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Put simply, it is the process of finding a web address (like, and then signing up to use it. As an example, it’s more like leasing an apartment than buying a house. You technically do not own the domain, but once you have registered it, you’re free to keep it, and protect it, for as long as you continue paying the rent (i.e., registration fee).

We have partnered with an ICANN accredited registrar to offer domain registrations of all of your names with more than 1,000 top level domains (TLDs), ranging from to more original country-code domain names. Your domain portfolio, whether that is a single domain or multiple domains, is then managed from one single platform (PORTAL), which not only saves you a lot of time, but also money.
With BRANDIT on your side, you only need one provider to register domain names worldwide, which will ensure thorough and consistent brand protection.

Do I need a Domain Management Strategy?

In today’s fast-changing threat landscape, brands need to be more vigilant than ever and work harder to ensure that they can mitigate the risk of infringement and hijacking. This applies to domain management too.
It is therefore essential to rationalise and optimise your domain portfolios with strategies that address the entire domain management lifecycle.

This requires a comprehensive approach that includes cross-department collaboration with a combination of traditional and more innovative tactics. BRANDIT helps you streamline this process by aligning all contributing factors with efficient tools, such as: corporate objectives, trademarks, risk culture, security, monitoring and enforcement approaches.
The end result – a clear domain portfolio strategy that ensures reliable coverage, maximises portfolio values, and keeps budgets in check.

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