Domain Renewal and Transfer

Portfolio Transfers

Portfolio transfers made easy and efficient

Massimiliano Trincas

Transferring a domain name portfolio is a daunting task. If you have ever been involved in the transfer of a large domain portfolio, you know what a nightmare it can be – let BRANDIT help you with portfolio transfers.

To get started, all we need from you is a signed Power of Attorney and we will take care of the rest. Easy as that!

We focus on the process and follow up to ensure that your portfolio is transferred fast and hassle-free. We take all the work off of your shoulders and keep you informed about the progress by reporting that suits your needs.

Domain Renewals

One of the biggest reasons one might lose a domain name is due to a failed renewal of the domain name.
Losing a domain name often happens due to credit cards that have expired or because the contact person has left the company and all e-mails go to this person’s e-mail address that no longer works.
With BRANDIT’s Auto-Renewal process, all these risks are eliminated.