Make use of sunrise registration

At BRANDIT, we offer sunrise registrations for all new domain name extensions. In short, sunrise registration is a pre-registration to protect brand owners before domain names are released to the public as TLDs. This is done particularly to avoid cybersquatting of names that are the same or similar to your trademarks. With a sunrise registration you often have to prove a company name or a trademark to get the registration. BRANDIT will guide you and take care of the whole process, including providing you with the needed evidence. 

What is meant by sunrise?

Not everyone is able to register a domain name when a new TLD becomes available. Sunrise registration simply means that when a new domain name is created there’s only a limited time period set for it to last and be secured. This is commonly used within the field of gTLDs. As a trademark holder you’ll be able to secure and protect your domain name from malicious registration actions. 

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