Our approach to Domain Name Portfolio management

BRANDIT have been recognized as one of the leading industry experts in the world. This is both in regard to our work, but is as much in relation to our approach to clients, because at BRANDIT we simply have our very own personal approach to working with clients. When you choose to work with us and leave your domain name portfolio in the hands of BRANDIT, you get your own dedicated client support, making sure that all problems in regard to your portfolio are solved. We guarantee a response within 24 hours, but in average our response time is a lot faster.

Optimizing your domain name portfolio

At BRANDIT, we’re not only taking care of your domain portfolio, we also help you to optimize your portfolio, lower your risks and a lot more. We help you by building a company setup, that we can use every time you register domain names. We do this to make sure it’s all aligned. In addition, we make sure you have a generic e-mail address in the owner data, so no personal e-mail addresses appear, as they present a huge risk. Furthermore, we make sure all domain names are pointed to the right website, and much more.

BRANDIT takes care of transfers, domain registrations, DNS settings and help you with your everyday questions. We consider ourselves your in-house domain sname department and believe that this personal approach is what gives the best results.

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