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In some countries, you need to have a local presence to register a domain name. We often talk about a gatekeeper, who controls your access. This gatekeeper is typically a huge limitation for companies that wish to open up an online presence in a country without having an office there. However, fear no more! BRANDIT has solutions to help you.

How we help with domain registrations in areas with restrictions

Some registries reserve the right to limit domain registrations by applying certain conditions. For example, registries of country-code level domains, ccTLDs, typically require an element of the WHOis, such as owner or administrative contact to reflect a local in-country address. In short, such restrictions mean that a domain can only be registered under this ccTLD if the required condition of a valid local address or contact can be met.

BRANDIT provides you with a “trustee” service (local presence services) to enable the registration of such domains, making it possible for you to register domain names in countries with geographical restrictions. Following the rules, a respective domain name can only be registered if the owner contact and/or admin contact for the domain in the country of registration is specified. 

To meet these special requirements, BRANDIT offers special “trustee” agreements in more than 40 countries around the world. Our local presence services allow us to implement domain registrations under registration restricted TLDs independently of your company’s business location. 

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