Let BRANDIT be your Internal Domain Manager

Today, BRANDIT acts as an Internal Domain Manager for several clients around the world. But what does this mean?

In depth, we’re seen as an in-house resource that different stakeholders can contact when they want to register new domain names and/or want to transfer domain names.

With BRANDIT as your Internal Domain Manager we can help you with:

  • Expert knowledge and advice within this field.
  • Ensure that the internal policy is kept and if not, we give feedback to the responsible person before proceeding with the registrations.
  • Take care of the e-mail inbox connected to all the domain names. This is especially a service that we are often asked about and to meet the demand you’re given a domain name expert.

This means that with BRANDIT as your Internal Domain Manager, we can help you reduce costs, optimize processes, reduce workloads and lower the risk of malicious attacks.

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