Domain valuations – Wish to sell a premium domain name?

You may want to know how much your domains are worth? And you may want our valuation of your domain name portfolio as this is seen as part of your company’s IP asset? Regardless of your starting point, BRANDIT can conduct previews and valuations of a domain name to set the value of it. We value domains based on the domain statistics, website rankings, keywords and sales of similar domains.

What we offer

BRANDIT offers professional domain valuations by expert domain appraisers if you:

  • Have a portfolio you want in your annual financial report as domain names are seen as IP assets.
  • Want to sell some of your premium names that you no longer use.

Our professional domain valuations are based on multiple factors and provide a detailed overview of what your domain is worth.

Why get a domain valuation?

In short, your domain could be the name of the next big start-up or brand – both nationally and internationally. But how do you know? And how do you find out what it’s worth? BRANDIT’s expert appraisers give you the most accurate estimate available and with more than 15 years of experience within the field, we’ve compiled a lot of data and knowledge. We manage thousands of domains on a daily basis, so we have experience in the field. At BRANDIT we even offer to give you examples of comparable domains, so you can see their values. This often helps to decide what action and next step to take.

Use your domain value for different purposes

You got your domain value from BRANDIT, but now what? We leave that up to you because you can actually use your domain value for multiple purposes such as:

  • Protect your domain: BRANDIT’s main task is to offer brand protection and work to prevent accidental loss of it due to an expired credit card. Furthermore, we make sure you gain additional privacy to keep your personal info safe.
  • Buy a domain: At BRANDIT you can get any domain valued. Even a domain you don’t own. We do this to oblige those who are interested in buying one. Simply use our domain valuation service to find out what a domain is worth.
  • Sell your domain: After a professional domain valuation you know what’s on the list and what your domain name is worth. If you’re no longer interested in your domain name, you can consider selling it or letting others bid on it.
  • Renew your domain: It’s always a good idea to keep a watchful eye on the market. Why not treat your domain like an investment and hang on to it to see if the value decrease or increase?

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