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At BRANDIT, we offer domain names and nameservers under “one roof” as well as domain management through our BRANDIT portal. This is called DNS (Domain Name System) hosting and we offer you three types of DNS:

  • Default nameservers: DNS stability and reliability are crucial if you want to succeed in the domain hosting area. Take advantage of and benefit from our experience in DNS management and monitoring and use the powerful DNS services we offer.
  • Anycast (premium) nameservers: By using Anycast for your DNS zone your resource records can be automatically duplicated and published across the global network of our partner Dyn’s global Anycast network, which has 18 points of presence including locations such as India, Brazil, Sydney and Hong Kong, assures high site availability and low latency, resulting in a superior user experience for your website visitors.
  • Slave nameservers: Use our nameservers as Slave Nameserver setup for your master nameserver or hidden master nameserver. We’ll automatically import DNS zone data from your master nameserver and work with your hidden master nameserver as well.

What is DNS?

In short, DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System. DNS translates domain names into internet IP addresses via so-called name servers. All locations on the internet have a number code called an IP address and it’s the IP address that enables computers to find specific locations on the internet. The number code can be difficult to remember, therefore they are given a name. This name is the domain name. To simplify it even further; DNS is a bit like a directory, where the IP address is the phone number and the domain name of the person you’re calling. If you’re curious to learn more about DNS and the different types, please contact us for further information. 

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