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With the internet world growing on faster than ever, domain names are now valuable business assets. Your domain name is the core component of your online presence.

Registering the right domain name and registrar are the essential first steps to securing your company’s online home, building a strong brand, and driving commercial success. 

All done, right? No! Ongoing domain management is then essential to ensure the health and security of your brand and the organisation itself; whether you are a new entrepreneur with a single web domain owned or a large corporation with a sizeable portfolio of domains.

BRANDIT acts as your in-house domain name department with a dedicated client supporter, helping you safely and effectively register, protect, and manage your domain portfolios as if they were our own and will ensure that all issues related to your portfolio are solved. We use effective tools and analytics to ensure your domains are safe a secure. From domain registrations to the provider and transfers, through to renewals, portfolio optimisation and DNS address record settings, we are constantly monitoring and resolving any risks on the domain server, ensuring your domain names are protected from threats and hijackers! Whatever your needs, we can help. 

Our domain service helps every domain owner to optimise its domain portfolio and locate possible risks. We take care of transfers, domain registrations, DNS address settings and help you with your everyday questions and giving solutions. 

As one of the leading industry experts in Domain Management in the world, we are proud to have one of the best reputations in the industry and are happy to serve 700+ satisfied clients worldwide, including some of the biggest brands. This not only concerns the work we do, but also how we work and our personal approach to our clients.

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