Digital Marketing


Giulia Della Nina

If you’re planning to launch an e-commerce shop, there are a few important things to consider, such as where you’re selling from, what the terms of sale are, and how you can use your customer’s personal data for retargeting campaigns.

In short, we help you with:

  • Anticipating legal matters when planning a webshop
  • Contract review with various stakeholders
  • Legal guidance on personal data flows

Social Media

At BRANDIT, we draft guidelines about social media use and disclosure rules for influencers. We also help you to set up a pragmatic process and training for digital content editors / contributors to avoid trademark or copyright issues.

In short, we help you with:

  • Legal assessment of digital marketing tools

Guidelines on:

  • Brand online usage
  • Influencers and bloggers
  • Decision matrix for copyrighted content and online misuse
  • Training