We provide world-class expertise in online brand protection at your disposal.


Effectively monitoring domain names is crucial for comprehensive global brand protection. It is the most effective way to protect your trademarks and your on-line presence.

This is how it works …

A state-of-the-art technical system is used to pick up all new domain registrations which contain the Client’s trademark, across the globe.  Where most other domain monitoring services end with an automatic e-mail alert to the customers, we manually review and analyse all results for our clients.

The analysed results, together with recommended actions to take, are presented to clients on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.


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May it be for trademark infringing domain names, unauthorised use of logotypes, confusingly similar trademark registrations or other important matters.


Domain name disputes

We are proud of our very high success rate with domain disputes and have experience working in many arbitration forums around the world.


Social media infringements

Has someone set up an unauthorised page or group on a social media
platform? We can help!


Anti-Phishing protections and actions

Have you discovered a fraudulent email coming from an email address that looks similar to yours? We help you around the clock to resolve it and offer Global takedown actions with fast response service.

And more…


Enforce your rights

In case of an infringement we will advise you on what action to take to get the best result for the protection of your brand. When recommending a course of action to our clients, we first investigate the applicable dispute resolution process that can be used for the particular domain name. Each country uses different rules, which, of course, impacts our recommendations.



BRANDIT has vast experience with online brand protection and protects some of the world’s leading brands in their respective industries. Other reasons for working BRANDIT are:

We have 99% success rates

We meet face-to-face with our clients in order to optimise the collaboration and improving our services

BRANDIT is a good fit for companies who value a close relationship with their advisor and expect to get qualified advice

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