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Personal Data Protection

Caroline Perriard

Increasing the value of your data while ensuring GDPR compliance

In the era of big data, any information or details given online can either be a burden or a valuable asset depending on how you take care of it.

Respecting user’s privacy is a fundamental requirement, and any loss of data can have huge consequences for your company from both a legal and reputational point of view. All the members of your company must be concerned about those regulations and apply strict security and general guidelines to ensure any data you collect and use is secured and compliant with the law.

Our legal experts provide invaluable advice and guidelines to allow your business to be compliant with authorities and respect individual user’s rights.

BRANDIT offers two possible subscriptions programmes:

If you would like to better understand data privacy laws in Europe (GDPR/FADP) and see how some brands are leveraging data privacy to enhance their brand. You can view our latest webinar here.

Living compliance

Your need is to increase the financial value of your business by turning your data into an asset.
In addition to protecting you from legal risks, here are the advantages you can benefit from our annual subscription programme:


  • Support an ongoing certification process
  • Optimize the management of your resources with a clear objective
  • Get rid of obsolete digital data
  • Monthly coaching by our experts
  • Annual review with action points and data protection training

Data protection as a service

As companies and organisations are responsible for the user’s data they collect and use, the company may be fined if the managed data is accessed by non-authorised persons. In addition, legal requirements in both Switzerland and Europe are becoming stricter and more complex to implement.

A programme tailored to your specific needs:


  • Outsourcing the data protection role
  • Implementation of a privacy programme
  • Validation of specific internal processes
  • Legal advice on specific projects
  • Offers specific to our partners (IT, security, marketing)


  • Reputational (loss of trust)
  • Financial (fines)
  • Espionage (access to business secrets)
  • Loss of productivity (data breach and crisis management)

BRANDIT’s experts collaborate with companies and organizations to set up internal processes and make decisions, so the compiling, processing and managing of data remains legal and transparent.

We are:

  • Your external DPO
  • Your expert for specific questions
  • Your provider to train your employees

Subscription Model Living Compliance

CHF 950/month, min 12 months
CONTACT US: We offer you a first analysis of your situation without obligation