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Colombus Consulting and BRANDIT enter into a partnership

Colombus Consulting and BRANDIT enter into a partnership to tackle compliance with GDPR in an efficient way

  • Colombus Consulting, a consulting company with a dedicated offering in Digital, Data & Innovation called Shift, and BRANDIT, legal experts in the Internet and digital world, are teaming up to support companies in their journey towards GDPR compliance.
  • New legal regulations both in Europe and in Switzerland require a combination of various competences, from marketing and IT to legal. This is why our partnership makes sense.


The new European Regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR) has entered in force on 25 May 2018. Respectively, the Swiss Federal Act is under revision and a new law including similar requirements possibly will be finalized by the end of the year.


Managing clients’ personal data in an appropriate way requires a combined approach between Marketing, IT and Legal. BRANDIT and Colombus Consulting have been collaborating in this area for various international stakeholders since mid-2017, bringing pragmatic solutions that combine guidance about legal obligations with implementation tools (e.g. solutions related to the organisation, process, customer experience, marketing activities, architecture and solutions).


Colombus Consulting offers a value added approach to implement these regulations while transforming this new challenge into an opportunity. This includes topics such as governance, user experience and technical set up. Colombus Consulting’s exclusive European benchmark also allows to enrich best practices and speed up internal decisions and action steps.


BRANDIT brings a rich experience with international clients and offers a legal vision tailored for multifaceted situations (in particular on social media, with external providers, in relation to data flow, etc).


“BRANDIT and Colombus Consulting are delighted to announce their partnership for the benefit of companies seeking to protect and efficiently manage any personal data they have collected.  This reinforces the collaboration between the two companies and the sharing of competences and tools that are important for complex compliance projects”, say Caroline Perriard, BRANDIT and Jean Meneveau, Colombus Consulting.


The two companies are looking forward to working in various sectors such as hotels, consumer goods, public service, and business-to-business industries. The entry into force of GDPR has just happened and projects are taking off.


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