.CITY Domains

Do you Dream of Your .CITY?

With hundreds of new domain extensions coming to the web, finding an address that fits your business is easier than ever. With the .CITY Top-Level Domain (TLD), you can now speak directly to your city dwellers and visitors alike.

What is .city?

A city TLD is a new domain extension for every city in the world. A City TLD provides the opportunity for commercial and non-commercial website owners to build an affiliation with their city. Whether that is the local government, local businesses, regional events, tourism agencies or even a blogger writing about a city, the opportunities are plentiful.

Why chose a .city domain?

A .city address is a meaningful domain name. The right side of the dot will assist in telling your story and connecting with your audience. The below outlines some key benefits a .city domain does that a classic domain extension does not:

  • It signals that you are affiliated with the city
  • It’ll help create a more memorable and unique web presence
  • Positions the city as a global brand
  • Long-term view: builds ownership with a region, leading to customisation and monetisation
  • It shows you are innovative and ahead of the game – unlike many of your competitors who are still using the .coms

Also Dreaming of Your .BRAND?

Just like a .CITY domain, by owning a dot brand, an organisation controls an entire branded corner of the internet, kind of their own digital ecosystem. This allows them to register any domain name they like, to use in any way they like, and inspire more innovation, creativity, and security into their domain names and digital strategy.

Operating from a .BRAND makes it more difficult for criminals to execute phishing scams. It’s easier for customers to spot and avoid emails from fake accounts and it also reassures customers of the authenticity of the site they are visiting.

Want to know more?

As one of the leading experts in the domain name industry, BRANDIT has the right expertise to support authorities, businesses and individuals in securing any global registrations and using their own city or brand centric domains.