Who Runs the World?

Girls!! Seriously though, at BRANDIT, we believe our diversity is our strength and today we join the world in celebrating International Women’s Day as we recognise and appreciate the achievements of the women everywhere.

This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge

The idea being “…a challenged world is an alert world. From challenge comes change, so let’s all choose to challenge.”

To kick off our celebration, we chatted to our co-CEO, Caroline Perriard, about her experiences and asked her about her thoughts on Intentional Women’s Day.


What does the International Women’s Day theme, #ChoseToChallenge mean for you?

It’s about challenging my own thinking and stereotypes, challenging myself and what I can do to make a difference. For me it means being bold and confident in your ability. It is about not being afraid to have difficult conversations, and it’s about sharing my experiences to support and encourage others.


Can you tell me a bit about your career to date and why you chose this career path?

Law has always been something that interested me and originally, I wanted to be a diplomat. However, after completing my degree, I decided that was not for me, and it was at that point I kind of fell into the IP world after being offered a job with the local government. After 4 years there, I left to do a post graduate programme in arbitration. After my studies, I returned to Switzerland and was offered a job with Nestlé. Here, I started in trademarks and then moved more into corporate domain names, which was the beginning of my interest in the online world and data protection. After 11 years here, I had had enough of the big corporate world, and I wanted a new challenge. Following many discussions, I decided to branch out on my own, and that is where the partnership with Jesper and BRANDIT came about. I don’t think I particularly chose this career path, but I was open to opportunities as they presented themselves. I am curious by nature and I enjoy exploring new challenges as I come across them.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Learning. I like taking on something new where I can learn new things, develop my skills and grow my experiences. I also like challenges. I like it when there is something I do not know, and I need to solve it. This motivates me, even if sometimes, it is not the easiest path. Lastly, I enjoy people and I love teamwork, this gives me a lot of energy! Particularly at BRANDIT, the people are something I really enjoy.


Who has inspired you so far in your life?

There have been a few women throughout my life, who I really admired. I liked their approach to work, their motivation, their enthusiasm, and their independence in both their professional and personal lives. My mother was also a strong woman and she definitely instilled in myself and my sister the importance of being financially independent and to have a job you like. Both of my parents in fact, were big role models for me by following what they wanted to do, in the way they could do it.


How do you balance motherhood, time for you and your career?

For me, it is more about a mindset. I feel it is important to have the balance clear in your head, then it is easier to manage.  I also remember reading a book called “Lean In” by Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, where she talks about how women need to “lean in” to their careers, taking risks and being ambitious in their professional goals, while demanding more help at home. This really resonated with me, as it is not about trying to do it all yourself, it is more about sharing the tasks. Whether that is with your partner, a family member or someone else. Equally, if you share a task with someone, it is then important to step back and focus your time on something else. There is no point sharing a task if you are then going to try to still get involved or take responsibility. This is a waste of your time and energy.


What advice would you give to women in their careers?

I would say this is a great time for women. No matter where you are in your career, have open discussions with your boss and/or mentors about what inspires you, what you enjoy and what you want. Embrace things you’re good at while being open to paths which push you. I encourage women to believe in themselves, to be confident, to create strong values and to never stop developing themselves.


Thanks for your time Caroline!



I started my career in intellectual property and fell into internet and data privacy with great pleasure! I am passionate about online interactions and how to be “legal in digital”.

Being optimistic, I enjoy rain, sun and snow, in particular skiing down steep hills.

Caroline speaks: French, English and German

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