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Lorenzo Litta talks to Managing IP to explain why and how BRANDIT built their Metaverse office in just 10 weeks

“Our metaverse office is a work in progress and will continue to be. But it is ready and will remain an open door for the IP community. A place to go, to learn, to share or simply to meet in a different way.”


Monday, 12th of September 2022 marked a special day at BRANDIT as we opened our Metaverse office. This milestone signifies our first step into this world. Our goal was to make it as accessible as possible and break some of the pre-conceived boundaries people have about the Metaverse being difficult to enter or navigate around. Currently, anyone is able to access our office through a link placed on our website. No login needed, no avatar, no cryptocurrency, just one simple click.

To mark this occassion, BRANDIT’s Lorenzo Litta talked to Managing IP, a leading news and analysis service catering to intellectual property professionals worldwide, about why and just how we managed to launch our Metaverse office in a mere 10 weeks.

You can read the full article here.

By clicking on the link, you can also visit BRANDIT’s Metaverse office.

If you would like to talk to Lorenzo on this topic, please contact him here.





IP business is fun and challenging and after many years I sail in it with the curiosity and passion of a child and with the knowledge and awareness of an adult.

Whatever is dynamic and in evolution takes my full attention, that’s probably why I love sports and speed.

Lorenzo speaks: English, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese

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