As announced last week, BRANDIT has taken the leap and bought a plot of land and will soon be opening a virtual office in the Metaverse.

As the first European IP consultancy firm to announce such a bold move, we’re excited to invite you on this journey with us. Every week we will be sharing our experiences and learnings in a weekly podcast. By doing so, we hope to provide some light on what can seem like a scary and complex process.

From what challenges we’ve faced to any hurdles we’ve overcome, we promise to be open and give an honest account on everything that is involved.

To kick off the process, here is our “Week 1 Podcast”, where Lorenzo Litta (BRANDIT) and Armin ZadakBar (The Armin Bar – our agency with whom we are collaborating with on this project) talk about why we decided to embark on such a journey and what we hope to achieve.

You can listen to the full podcast here:

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