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BRANDIT acquires 25% of

Protecting and enforcing Intellectual Property is essential for businesses and should never be limited by cost or complexity.


This is the idea behind a new Danish startup company that wants to make it easier and more affordable for companies around the world to manage the
rights that they will depend on in the future.


Today managing an even relatively small portfolio of trademarks is a complex task for companies if they want to do it inhouse. Therefore, the companies depend on lawyers and trademark agents to handle the logistics, and often lack overview of costs as well as their rights.


“We will give back overview, power, and control to the companies. There are a lot of tasks like filing and renewal that companies can easily do themselves if they just get the right tool” says Jakob Andersen. “Advisors can provide a lot of value in advising about for example strategy prior to the filing of a new trademark application, but when it comes to the filing as such, many processes can be simplified and automated, avoiding what’s happening today; that the advisors become expensive process consultants basically moving documents and data from one system to another”.




The tool is called Oblima and contrary to the existing systems in the market that are both expensive and complicated to use, the online platform is free to use and so intuitively designed that it hardly requires any training for companies to handle the creation and maintenance of their rights. The overview created in the Oblima platform will make redundant homemade spreadsheets as well as expensive advisors for handling administrative tasks making it possible for the companies to pursue new ideas and be more active in protecting rights, as costs can be brought down.




The potential in Oblima is immense if you ask Jesper Knudsen, CEO of BRANDIT, the Swiss-based company offering domain name and IPR counseling and management that has just acquired 25% of Oblima.


“Oblima is first in the world to provide an open and transparent system on the users’ terms where companies are not tied down to a specific advisor. We have beta-tested the platform on some of our 600 existing customers and received overwhelming feedback from companies ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations with thousands of registrations in their portfolio, so we cannot see why Oblima should not become a major global player in this area” says Jesper Knudsen.


At BRANDIT we believe that Oblima can be a global game changer in the entire trademark industry. Other industries including temporary accommodation and transportation have already experienced major technology driven changes and the trademark industry is next. Excellent trademark advisors around the world provide highly skilled legal and strategic services to their clients and they should most certainly keep doing so, but when it comes to filing and maintenance of rights the potential for streamlining will make it possible for companies to reduce costs by up to 50% by using the Oblima platform.


“The Oblima platform fits perfectly within our line of services and the course we want to lay for BRANDIT in the future where legal, tech and online will be keywords in our efforts to build long lasting relationships with our customers. We want to build our business on improving their business and one of the aims will always be to find ways of reducing costs while maintaining impeccable quality” says Michael Munch Østergaard, responsible for BRANDIT’s trademark business and the active investment in Oblima.




For any questions on Oblima, or if you would like to have a demonstration of the platform, feel free contact Jakob Andersen at or Michael Munch Østergaard at



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