Online Brand Protection

We strive to make your online environment safer and protect your brand’s reputation

As online world evolves, so does your need to protect your brand. Whether it is your trademarks, design elements, copyright, website content, your company slogan or information, our goal is to protect your valuable IP assets.

We actively monitor, detect and fight any brand abuse and infringements across multiple platforms, including:

Whatever your company size or budget, BRANDIT provides customised and scalable solutions that combine the latest technology with our in-house expertise to transform how you tackle infringements, prioritise what matters, and drive real ROI.

BRANDIT OBP Services include:

What is Online Brand Protection?

As online security risks grow, so does your need to protect your brand.

Essentially, Online Brand Protection (OBP) helps to safeguards your business from the bad actors trying to copy your products, profit from your hard work and investments and dilute your brand reputation.

Your brand is a fundamental asset that must be protected with a holistic approach that considers all aspects of the on- and off-line world. Whether it is your trademarks, design elements, copyright, website content, or your company slogan or information, our goal is the protection of your assets. We actively monitor, detect and fight any counterfeit online, trademark, or copyright infringements as well as brand abuse across multiple platforms, including:

  • Websites and domain names
  • Social media platforms
  • Marketplaces
  • PPC ads and mobile apps

By combining the latest methods and technologies with our expertise, we are able to connect the dots and determine the reach of any counterfeiter networks and assert your rights.

Monitoring & Enforcement

Domain Names. What are they?

Domain names are now an essential element in the external promotion of your company. Thanks to domain names, customers can easily navigate their way online to find your website and access information about your company and its offering. Today, this is the main door to your brand!

Why do you need to monitor and enforce domain names?

Bad actors often try to mislead and deceive users online by using variations of brand names in domain names. For this reason, you need to anticipate this traffic diversion and monitor domain registrations that might mirror or evoke your brand name and infringe on your trademarks. 
Domain name monitoring is as important as trademark monitoring.

What we do

The objective of our domain name monitoring is to stem revenue losses, tackle phishing attacks and shield your business reputation. 

How do we achieve this objective?

By integrating the best detection technologies with human expertise. Our team of highly skilled legal counsels analyses the data and will not only identify and assign a level of priority to the domain names of concern, but also provide legal recommendations and assist you with the necessary legal actions.

Branding Monitoring Services include:

What can you do when you come an infringing page?

At BRANDIT, we act fast and have a range of actions we can e123mploy to tackle the brand abuse, including:


to remove content infringing your IP rights, as well as duping consumers and harming your brand reputation.

Cease and desist letters

to settle the case with the domain name registrant and help you avoid costly, time consuming and public legal proceedings.

Legal assistance in disputes (UDRP, DRP, URS)

to obtain the transfer or the cancellation of domains misusing your trademarks before the competent arbitration forum.

Buy backs

to acquire domains already owned by third parties.

Marketplaces, Social Media, Websites & Apps

What are they?

Today, everyone is purchasing everything from clothes to cars online. As such, websites and online marketplaces have experienced phenomenal growth.
But it doesn’t stop there.
“Social commerce” is now one of the main channels for e-commerce. Many users turn to social media and apps to stay up to date on the latest shopping trends, seek advice from friends and influencers and also share their purchase reviews.

Why do you need to monitor and enforce marketplaces, social media and apps?

Bad actors are now flooding online channels to push counterfeits, list products misusing your trademarks, and publish false information related to your company. Therefore, monitoring and enforcing your brand on these channels allows you to see a tangible decrease of infringing ads, while gathering data on trends, sellers’ sale and behavioural patterns that could also enhance your offline action.

What we do

BRANDIT tackles this growing issue with a range of tactics. Our marketplaces, social media and app services include:


An Online Brand Protection (OBP) Programme can be expensive and resource draining, especially when you are just starting out, and budgets and in-house expertise are minimal.

Is it still possible to effectively protect your brand under these circumstances?
Yes! With BRANDIT’s OBP Light service, companies can think big by starting small.

This new programme aims to support companies that are just starting to dip their toes into the world of online brand protection. Maybe a brand is starting to experience growth online or they have just registered their trademark and want to ensure it is protected. OBP Light helps brand owners gain useful intelligence on infringements to their brand while containing the costs.

Through OBP Light we monitor up to 2 marketplaces of your choice and report our findings with prioritised and strategic recommendations. If required, we are also able to carry out the necessary enforcement actions.

Lastly, with detailed analysis of the results, based on rigorous data collection and intelligence, brands will be able to tackle abuse in an informed manner that brings a real return of investment.

OBP Partner Programme

BRANDIT “Partner Model”

Our OBP Partner Programme (OBP-PP) is for companies that have experience in enforcement actions, but would like to go beyond the mere “takedown”?

At BRANDIT, we have expert consultants who can act as your outsourced partner, assisting in your daily activities. They ensure the continuity you are lacking due to time constraints and add value by sharing their knowledge in data analysis and brand protection

Our OBP-PP gives you access to the following BRANDIT services:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Legal consultancy
  • Strategic advice
  • Enforcement (when needed)

With OBP-PP, you will be able to rely on extra support to evaluate the data at hand, connect the dots and uncover the most relevant insights for your brand.

This outsourcing approach is being used by more and more companies with brand owners’ resources becoming limited and threats to your IP are evolving faster than the technologies used to counter them.

Domain names


Social media




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