The domain market is a tricky place to do business. There are millions of domain names out there, registered across several hundred top-level domains, and plenty of fakes, infringers, and investors among the legitimate operators. As more and more aspiring businesses turn online, and availability tightens, so do the strategic investments into these digital assets by an array of parties. Businesses increasingly need to acquire their desired impactful, short and memorable domain names from third parties, such as investors or entrepreneurs.

You may think domain acquisition services are only for the big players like Microsoft and Google; however, you don’t necessarily need big budgets to benefit from the expertise of a domain broker to help you acquire the domain names you need for your new brands, product launches or marketing campaigns in a discreet, efficient and cost-effective fashion.

Below we give our 5 top reasons for using a domain professional. However, before we dig into the advantages of working with a domain broker service, let’s cover some of the basics first…

What Is a Domain Acquisition Service?

Domain brokers help you buy a domain name that is already registered by someone else. A domain buyer broker specialises in all aspects of the brokerage process.

How Does Domain Acquisition Service Work?

A domain acquisition broker works on behalf of a client to:

  • assess the value of the desired domain
  • Investigate the domain ownership and legitimacy
  • negotiate a purchase and helping them to achieve the best possibly price.
  • handle all sale paperwork, escrow, and transfer of the domain name whilst ensuring the security of the transactional environment.
  • They aim to get the job done within your timeframe and budget.

How do I Choose a Domain Acquisition Service?

If you are wanting to buy a domain name, the last thing you should do is contact many domain broker services with your project details as this is like putting all your cards on the table for everyone to see. Therefore, it’s important that you do some research and vet them before making a decision on whom to work with. Thorough research would include researching commission rates (including tier breakdown) as well as using industry tools and reading customer reviews to explore reputable domain brokers (e.g.,, or


What’s the difference between using a personal domain acquisition service or one of the big acquisition marketplace players?

Often people think that a personal service means extra commission costs. However, don’t be fooled by some of the clever marketing speak being used out there. Bottom line is, there is only one person who pays the commission on premium domain sales and that is the person sending the money. Where the personal service differs is just that, it is a personal service that brings a dedicated and transparent approach, not quick wins or selective attention dependant on the value of your desired domain.

Now we understand what a Domain Acquisition Professional does, here’s our top 5 reasons as to why you should consider using one to help you acquire that domain name you need:

1. Cost Saving – Since market trends and popularity fluctuate on the daily, domain acquisition‑ers have a deep understanding of the domain marketplace, they are familiar with the industry dialogue and are up to date with the knowledge of recent sales for price cross-referencing. In addition, they have the tools to understand and create a solution that fits your needs inside the capabilities of the industry providers. All of this ensures you don’t overpay for a domain name.

2. Time Saving – Hours and hours can be lost with research, unsuccessful outreach and some online rabbit holes. You could end up wasting a lot of money buying an overpriced domain, or worse falling into the hands of fraudulent people. A domain buyer brings years of experience in successfully tracking down owners saves you time and increases success rates.

3. Contacts – With nearly 2 billion registered web domains, locating a good domain can be like finding a needle in a haystack. In addition, it is thought that 90% of premium domains are owned by less than 10% of people. A reputable domain broker has spent years in the industry building up a networks and relationships with larger domain name investors and portfolio owners. These market connections hugely increase the chances of finding the owner, securing a better price for you or delivering a range of options to fit your specific needs.

An inexperienced person might spend weeks, months or even years trying to secure a purchase without any luck, but an experienced broker knows how to cut through the noise and obtain the right results. The time saved on its own can make all the difference in reaching your business goals.

4. Security – Familiar with the industry and the providers, you can rest assured your money is never at risk. Companies would pay for this security alone, never mind all the other services that come with a domain broker.

5. Protect Your Anonymity – Avoid being charged a premium for your own success. Anonymity is important when buying a premium domain name. As such, a lot of companies use a domain broker because they don’t want the seller to know who is buying the domain as that could drive the purchase price up. In addition, companies may want their desired purchases to remain out of the public eye to ensure their competitors are not alerted to their future growth plans. A good domain broker keeps all details confidential and works in good faith to protect their client’s identity.

Whether you need that already registered domain name for a new company, an app, to launch a new product/brand or run a new marketing campaign, one of our domain acquisition experts will be able to help you achieve your desired result in the most discreet, efficient and cost-effective fashion.

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